Securing Water Treatment OT and IoT

The Onclave TrustedPlatform is built to protect your pipelines, water treatment and critical distribution systems.

How Can We Help Protect Your Vulnerable Water Infrastructure and Management Systems from Cyberattack?

Prevent OT and IoT Attacks

Operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) enhance safety and water quality but are not secured by IT solutions. One OT or ICS attack can halt your treatment operations for days. The Onclave TrustedPlatform secures all OT, IoT and ICS to prevent an attack and downtime that can impact the larger community.

Secure Remote Access

Water treatment facilities now have a growing number of field workers and providers who have remote access to core systems. Cybercriminals use third parties and third-party applications to gain access to critical systems and data that can result in a threat to people in your community. Onclave’s secure Remote Access provides personal gateways for remote users and team gateways for groups to ensure remote access is secure and safe.

Protect Your Enterprise
from Ransomware

Protecting your enterprise from malware can seem like an impossible task. Your employees are on-site and remote. Using an unsecure network or clicking on a bad link can open your entire network to infection and result in your data being held hostage. Onclave’s Zero Trust platform monitors, isolates and contains malware and intruders to keep your network secure.

Simplify Management and
Reduce Costs

Security and technology leaders in water treatment are responsible for securing an exponentially growing number of devices, while being confronted by an increase in cyberattacks. The Onclave TrustedPlatform works with existing networks and does not require additional certificates or overhead. It streamlines and simplifies your network security management and lowers costs

We know you and your team are facing an
unprecedented threat.

Over the past year, water treatment facilities have entered the cybersecurity spotlight with the hacking of the Oldsmar Water Treatment Facility in Florida. Experts believe that water treatment will experience a growth in cyberattacks from sophisticated and well-financed hacker organizations and foreign governments.

  • There are over 155,000 public water systems in the U.S., of which approximately 52,000 are community systems that supply water to over 280 million Americans.
  • In 2018, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI warned that well-financed foreign governments are specifically targeting the water sector and other critical infrastructure.

Your Partner in the Critical Fight To Secure Your
Water Treatment Operations

Onclave TrustedPlatform is a network-agnostic platform with integrated management and monitoring, offering water treatment facilities a low-cost detection, isolation, and containment solution for all
OT, IoT and ICS assets.

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