We Eliminate Your OT Attack Surface to Protect Your Enterprise

What is The Onclave Difference ?

We are early adopters of Zero Trust – the idea that trust is verified at each endpoint before access is granted to any device, system or user. This is the core principle of the Onclave platform.

Our Zero Trust network significantly reduces the number of entry points for intrusion by eliminating the potential for breach from operational technology systems and devices. By significantly decreasing the total number of entry points for a breach and the overall attack surface area, Onclave:

  • Increases your infrastructure security
  • Simplifies your management, and
  • Lowers your overall cost (long and short term)

The Onclave Difference is About Bringing Greater Protection and Simplicity to Your Network

  • Cryptographically separates OT/IoT from IT network
  • Provides detection, isolation,and containment
  • Reduces the attack surface
  • None of the risks associated with VPNs, SDNs, VLANS
  • No changes to existing infrastructure
  • Single, integrated platform
  • Easy management and automated continuous monitoring
  • Eliminates certificates, policies, access control lists
  • Lower management overhead
  • Reduced costs associated with breaches

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its Zero Trust Architecture (SP 800 – 207) in 2020 to promote adoption of these guidelines for stronger network security. The core recommendations for network administrators and security professionals are to:

  • Focus on protecting individual or small groups of resources
  • Do not provide any level of trust to a device, system or user based on its physical or network location or whether or not it was previously given access to any part of a network

Greater Security and More Protection

Onclave protects all endpoints and systems regardless of age, OEM, OS, protocol, or medium – if it runs on an IT network, it can be protected by Onclave.

Easier Deployment and Management

Technology leaders and their teams have enough systems to manage and monitor. We do not want to add multiple systems to your responsibility. This is why Onclave delivers the discovery and management tools needed to configure and maintain the Zero Trust environment throughout your network.

Onclave’s Network Continuously Monitors All Endpoints

Our network protects, detects, isolates, and contains giving you improved manageability and usability of your operational technology and your IT.

Lower Technology Costs

By operating on a technology platform that is broadly available, Onclave is scalable and lower cost.

  • Eliminates certificates, policies and access control lists
  • Lower management overhead
  • Reduced costs associated with breaches
  • No additional products necessary
  • No changes to existing architecture


Axis’ goal is to improve our solutions management, reduce costs, reduce/mitigate risks and provide a user-friendly end product. Onclave delivers a security solution that all of our Channel Partners and the end customers will benefit from.

–Wayne Dorris, CISSP, Business Development Mgr. Cybersecurity, Axis Communications, Inc. Onclave Networks

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