DoD, National Cyber Range – Orlando, Florida

Cyber Range Environment

The Onclave Platform was designed to provide “National Security grade protection” and it utilizes many of the same “enclave” technologies and techniques successfully employed by the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) networks.

Onclave Solution

An enterprise can eliminate its attack surface by implementing Onclave Gateways into existing infrastructure. Gateways create our unique tunnels which are then merged into secure, “closed” networks by Onclave Bridges. This solution is enabled by Onclave’s Dynamic Cypher Key Management system. These networks are cryptographically separated from other networks while utilizing the same wiring infrastructure with their own root of trust.


Commercially available and proven:
The Onclave solution can run any OT

regardless of age, OS, protocol or MFG – making it future-proof for the seamless integration of new tech– if it runs on an IP network, it can run in the Onclave platform

Solves issues

associated with the increases in remote networking and the ability to deploy current and future technologies involved in DoD Installations of the Future

Eliminates the attack surface;

protects, detects, isolates, and contains with continuous monitoring

Accommodates deployment and integration of future capabilities

such as 5G, containerized applications, tight integration with detection capabilities introduced via AI and even advocates the development of smart contracts and improved asset management via the Onclave Secure Blockchain