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Our mission is to secure and protect OT/IoT from attacks and breaches.

About Onclave:  Trusted Communications

Onclave Networks, Inc. is a global cybersecurity leader transforming the future of securing all IT/OT devices and systems. Improving on the methods and technology used by the Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), Onclave’s mission is to provide the fastest path to a more secure, simplified and scalable solution – making it easier and cost-effective for enterprises to manage and continuously monitor.

Onclave’s solution aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Zero Trust Architecture as published in Special Publication 800-207.

On average, it takes more than 250 days to find and mitigate a network breach.

Today’s cybersecurity attackers are extraordinarily sophisticated and well-funded groups or nation-states. They have the tools and abilities to find vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Due to the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operational technology, remote access and remote work, the attack surface for cyberattackers to target has expanded. Hackers are now accessing connected devices, networks, systems and technology and then loading malware that remains hidden until severe damage has been done.

Here are some key facts:

  • Cyberattacks are up 92% and the average data breach now costs $3.86M (though some businesses report costs in the tens of millions).
  • Since the COVID pandemic, the FBI reports on average 4,000 cyberattacks a day. A 400% increase.
  • Interpol reports “an alarming rate of cyberattacks aimed at major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure.” Ransomware attacks are up 800%.

How Onclave Protects Networks

At Onclave, we believe that businesses, organizations, and government agencies need to adopt an “assumed breach” mindset or “Zero Trust” mentality to better protect our critical data.

Onclave’s technology allows us to immediately protect networks, identify breaches and isolate and contain them before they spread.

We create secure enclaves that eliminate attack surfaces and simplify management. This significantly improves network security, ensuring full continuity of operations.

Our continuous monitoring and dynamic management ensure protection of data and integrity of networks.

  • Cryptographically secures OT/IoT workloads
  • Provides detection, isolation, and containment
  • Eliminates OT/IoT attack surface
  • Reduces threat to IT Network
  • None of the risks associated with VPNs, SDNs, VLANS
  • Network overlay that does not require changes to existing infrastructure
  • Single, integrated platform
  • Easy management and automated continuous monitoring
  • Eliminates need for certificates, policies, access control lists
  • Lower management overhead
  • Reduced costs associated with breaches

Onclave can accelerate your drive to Zero Trust without added disruption and downtime to your business.

Onclave can dramatically improve your cyber protection of endpoint devices and systems by improving infrastructure – saving time, management overhead, costs, risks, and complexity to meet your current and future security needs.

See the Onclave difference for yourself

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