Securing Healthcare OT and IoT

The Onclave TrustedPlatform is built to protect your medical devices and critical healthcare systems.

How Can We Help Protect Your Vulnerable Healthcare Systems from Cyberattack?

Secure the OT/IoT Medical Devices on Your Network

Operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) use your IT network, but are not visible to IT security solutions. The large number of various operating systems, lack of IP addresses and other issues make them vulnerable to hackers, and put your network at risk. The Onclave TrustedPlatform makes all devices visible, so they can be secured.

Provide Secure Remote Access to Critical Systems

Hospitals and healthcare providers have expanded who has remote access to core systems. From building automation systems, HVAC and security to third party managed equipment, more people have remote access to the critical hardware and devices that impact facilities and patient care. Onclave’s Remote Access provides personal gateways for remote users and team gateways for groups to ensure remote access is secure and safe.

Protect the Patient by Securing Remote Treatment and Monitoring

Protecting patient data and the devices that deliver remote treatment is an essential part of HIPAA compliance, as well as a necessity to ensure patient identity and well-being is safeguarded. Providing better protection for the patient, Onclave’s Mobile Access secures mobile enabled devices used in administering or monitoring patient care, including 4G and 5G devices.

Simplify Management and
Reduce Costs

Security and technology leaders in healthcare are responsible for securing an exponentially growing number of devices, while being confronted by an increase in cyberattacks.The Onclave,TrustedPlatform works with existing networks and does not require additional certificates or overhead. It streamlines and simplifies your network security management and lowers costs.

We know you and your team are facing an unprecedented threat to your enterprise.

Over the past year, the healthcare industry has become one the primary targets for cyberattack from sophisticated and well-financed hacker organizations and foreign governments. This has made malware and ransomware a significant concern for healthcare technology leaders and executives.

  • 95% of all identity theft is tracked back to the loss of a patient record.
  • A single person’s personal health information is worth 25 times more than credit card information on the black market.

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Your Partner in the Critical Fight To Secure Your
Healthcare Enterprise

Onclave TrustedPlatform is a network-agnostic platform with integrated management and monitoring, offering hospitals and healthcare providers a low-cost detection, isolation, and containment solution for all
OT, IoT and ICS assets.