What is Zero Trust +?

Applying the NIST Zero Trust Architecture across your network to provide greater security.

Zero Trust is a set of guidelines to help create a more secure network architecture. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its Zero Trust Architecture (SP 800 – 207) in 2020 to promote adoption of these guidelines for stronger network security.

The core recommendations for network administrators and security professionals are to:

  • Focus on protecting individual or small groups of resources, and
  • Not provide any level of trust to a device, system or user based on its physical or network location or whether or not it was previously given access to any part of a network.

Today’s networks have more than IT systems

Technology leaders and security professionals know that today’s networks carry more than IT systems. They include a growing number of legacy Operational Technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, applications and other new types of connections that are not protected by traditional IT security solutions.

IT security solutions, like VPNs and firewalls, trust what is operating inside the network. The challenge is that these systems cannot monitor the hundreds and thousands of different operating systems driving OT and IoT devices or safeguard the various points of entry. Once a hacker gains access to any of these networks, they can move freely and access data from other areas of the network.

The need for Zero Trust +

To achieve a higher level of Zero Trust protection, what we call Zero Trust +, organizations need to focus on adopting a network that takes the NIST guidelines and applies them across the total network.

At Onclave, we are pioneers in developing the network technology that defines the new NIST framework. Our network platform significantly reduces the attack surface area by placing network endpoints into secure enclaves. With our network, we actually eliminate the attack surface area for operational technology devices and systems.

Learn how Onclave delivers Zero Trust+,
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