As organizations shift to cloud environments to address industry-specific functionality, compliance needs, and supporting enterprise workloads, cyberattacks are also expanding to the cloud. 

In a recent IDC-commissioned cloud security survey, 98% of businesses reported they had experienced a cloud security breach within the last 18 months – up from 79% the previous year.

To outline some of the security vulnerabilities in the cloud and provide some solutions for protecting cloud assets, we have written a white paper entitled, “Protecting Our Growing Cloud-based Infrastructure.” In this report, Onclave Networks covers the importance of increased employee responsibility, identifying misconfiguration, deploying Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), and using solutions that provide containment and encryption of workloads from connected devices as essential to combating cyberattacks at the enterprise level.

Download: Protecting Our Growing Cloud-based Infrastructure


In addition to the rise in the adoption of cloud computing, every institution leveraging cloud services in 2022 has grown increasingly susceptible to security breaches and cyberattacks. IDC reported that 67% of corporate CISOs had experienced three or more security-related incidents since March 2021. IDC estimates that by 2025, there will be more than 55.7 billion connected devices, and 75% will feature IoT connectivity which is estimated to produce 73 zettabytes of data. Every one of them opens a door to the enterprise.

Protect Your Piece of the CloudWith the surge in digital transformation, innovation, and migration to cloud-storage implementation, the number of attacks will continue to rise. Additionally, the way we work, connect, and, most crucially, access information will all be revolutionized by 5G and IoT. When company data is exposed as a result, traditional IT security approaches prioritizing perimeter protection will not be effective.

“Organizations are recognizing that cloud providers are not able to ensure security for IoT and connected devices on the network,” said Don Stroberg, CEO of Onclave Networks. “This significant security vulnerability requires a specialized approach and a cybersecurity strategy that is agile, efficient, and risk-based. Having a solution specifically designed to work with your new or existing infrastructure is critical to identify and protect these vulnerable devices from a data breach.”

The requirement to defend the far end of the tunnel to the cloud locations will become vital to future-proof workloads moving from edge to cloud. It will be significantly more important to have a Zero Trust-based platform that is equipped with cryptographic microsegmentation capabilities to protect cloud-based infrastructures.

The Onclave TrustedPlatform™ is a Zero Trust network overlay that protects networks by cryptographically securing vulnerable OT and IoT workloads. By wrapping each workload in its own root of trust, the TrustedPlatform helps to eliminate the OT/IoT attack surface and ensure each segment is secure, whether it remains on-premises or travels across private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

For more information on how to protect vulnerable workloads, devices, and systems connected to the cloud from increasing cyberattacks, read our whitepaper, “Protecting Our Growing Cloud-based Infrastructure.”

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